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Feral Cat colonies....negative impacts on wildlife

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I have found a few of these feral cat colonies over the years where people feed and provide housing for cats....I imagine it could have a high negative impact on local wildlife populations from song birds to rabbits to maybe even turkey poults!

Wonder if NJ Fish and Wildlife address this issue?



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Cats, pet and feral, were always a factor affecting game bird young. I recall reading articles about the impact of cats on the loss of game bird chicks. As the suburbs spread into the rural areas of the State, cats were a significant factor in the loss of our wild pheasant and quail populations.  Cats and other predators getting the young turkeys are probably the main reason for less turkeys in some areas. DF&W can do little about cats since they are domestic animals and not wildlife. Plus they don’t have the manpower.

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My town pays a cat lady to put them up around town.

they capture the adults get them fixed and release them at the colonies.

any kittens are put up for adoption.

it was supposed to end or have a significant impact on feral cats but it’s been 6 or so years and there’s just as many.

they pay for the vet bills food materials to build these colonies not to mention the lady of m sure is getting paid as well.

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The negative impact feral and “outside” cats have on our native game birds/song birds/reptiles/amphibians/insects/small rodents/plants etc is sickening. It’s sad that people think it’s okay. Cats are unbelievably good predators and we have too many native species impacted by reckless and ignorant people feeding and housing these pests. I wish NJ Fish and wildlife would promote a campaign/public message against the feeding and housing of these pests. But I’m sure orgs like humane society  and peta would step in to combat anything like that and in a state like ours it’s sadly probably a losing battle against them.

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FW hasn't addressed it but our elected legislators have.

When the current bear feeding bill passes deer hunters who bait can be fined for unintentionally feeding bears, people with bird feeders can be fined if they don't do the list of ridiculous things in the bill  but cat feeding people are exempt if they remove un-eaten food every night.

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Posted (edited)

Cats are the ultimate predator, instinctive killers.  I love cats and have 3.  All indoor, living the country club life.  It's amazing to see the change in attitude/demeanor when I bring them outside.  Fat lazy Jack turns into a hyper killer.  

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There is one by my office in flemington, these people built this cat colony on someone else’s property, the owner just found out and wants them gone and is having a hell of a fight because someone registered it as a official colony and is told he can’t remove them or something like that 

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I think in NJ you can't kill feral cats.  I am not entirely sure that's true, but it might be.

Cats can eradicate wildlife faster than the local predators.  Trying to sterilize cat colonies is like trying to sterilize the deer population; it doesn't work.  They should be managed the way we manage other wildlife.

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I found a laundry basket with a blanket and diaper animal dwelling on the rear my PA property when I was there for maintenance. It disappeared that day. The mindset of these colonists today!

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28 minutes ago, BCsaw said:

It disappeared that day.


I don't know how to read that -- either you mean (a) the cat lady saw you show up that day and hurriedly wisked her cat and colony housing off your property, or (b) you made the cat and his home "swim with the fishes"

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