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2 hours ago, JHbowhunter said:

Nice catch John. Good action.  How did u get that 12# blue up and over the rocks? Bel mar side or Avon side?

Avon side. Climb down and grab the leader. I don't use steel leader. I make up 100 lb mono leaders for them. Main line is only 15 lb

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2 hours ago, JHbowhunter said:

Nice catch John. Good action.  How did u get that 12# blue up and over the rocks? Bel mar side or Avon side?

I would never do the high stick lift while grabbing the rod half way up lift like this guy  :eek:. Can't believe a couple of them didn't snap a rod in half.


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Try making fish cakes out of them. The best you will eat. Just remove all of the brown meat along the middle of the fillet before cooking. 

Montauk Crab Cakes (made with Bluefish) 

I was asked to post this.
1 lb Bluefish filets (removed of skin and dark meat)
1 egg
1 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. Old Bay Seasoning
2 tsp. Worcestershire
1 Tbs. Mayo
1 Tbs. chopped parsley
1 Tbs. melted butter
3/4 cup plain bread crumbs
butter or oil to fry in
lemon wedges

Poach the Bluefish filets in white wine until flaky and let cool. Break up meat (as much as you like) and add all remaining ingredients except oil and lemon. Mix well, form patties (about 4" in diameter), and chill in frig. about 30 min. Heat the oil/butter in frying pan. Dip crab cakes in flour and fry until golden. Keep in mind, the Bluefish has been pre-cooked so it doesn't have to fry long. Squeeze lemon prior to eating. I like mine topped with tartar sauce or horseradish mayo.
Enjoy and don't tell anyone it's Bluefish!

Note: you can add red or green bell pepper to your liking. 

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11 minutes ago, nmc02 said:

I respectfully disagree. If taken care of (put in cooler w ice & saltwater) immediately & blood line removed, they are good. Smoked, cakes, or even grilled. Biggest thing is in saltwater/ice right away. 

I have made these cakes with other types of fish. Nothing works like Bluefish. It has enough flavor to make it a real "fish" cake. All other mild fish gets lost in the recipe. I use to make a big batch and freeze them. My Son practically lived on them.

Not saying Blues are a great eating fish, just have to be utilized properly. Just like Venison shanks. Most people grind them up. But you can make delicious Osso Bucco out of them. 


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I was on the hunt for blues on the fly today. Found them in shallow calm water fishing a popper but they just would not commit which was strange. They would follow and track then take a short swipe and not hit it. I lost 2 and landed 1 but had endless follows and boils. Did manage a few stripers mixed in which was nice on a popper. 



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