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Had enough of the squirrels chewing up my bird feeders and dumping all the seed on the ground everyday. 

Already had an 8ft piece of 1 1/4" (1"ID) galvenized water pipe, a double and a single 1/2"feeder rods, and a piece of 6"x3/4" oak. Just needed a $10 5"x60" duct.  4" is more expensive and not as good for this. 

Cut the 'h' bottom foot off the 1/2" rods and jambed them down into the water pipe. 3 single posts would probably go in easier because of the welds on the double post takes up more room.  Scribed two 5"circles on the oak, drilled a 1 1/4" hole at the center point, then cut out the circle. Put one oak disc flush with the top of the duct and the other 2" up from the crimped bottom, putting screws through the duct into the oak to hold them in place. Then cut the duct in 1 inch strips on the bottom up to the oak and tapped them inward after inserting the water pipe to seal the bottom from the squirrels chewing through the oak disc. Cemented it 2 feet into the ground and used a hose clamp to hold the duct up a foot so it is 6 feet high and near the top of the water pipe. Caulked the holes on top so water can't get in and sprayed it .  Squirrels been at it since started typing this, but they can only clean up what the birds drop to the ground20210502_191739.thumb.jpg.29993987e13dd6484c24a17640e4bc17.jpg




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12 minutes ago, formakos said:

I tried something similar but the squirrels were able to climb up the duct!!!!

Haven't seen one try yet.  Did you use 4" duct?  I'm hoping 5" is too fat around for them to hug

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Posted (edited)

After many years and all sorts of contraptions I finally stopped the squirrels !! :up: Problem now is the grackles ! :hmmmer:

4" or 5" PVC pipe (they can't get a grip if its wide) at least 5' to 6' off ground level and not near any trees or overhead branches they can jump from.  Attach your feeder to a PVC cap you can slip on or off the pipe (you may need to sand the pipe a bit for a lose fit) and you're good to go.

I recently put a piece of galvanized flashing at the tops of mine since they have been up so long they are not as smooth as before and an occasional younger squirrel did get to the feeder.



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