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4/28/21 - Urine-Based Deer Lures Banned Effective May 10, 2021

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12 minutes ago, Bonefreak said:

Out of an abundance of caution due to COVID.....yada yada yada...lol

For real tho....if they want to prevent any spreading of CWD they may want to take a scientific look at banning baiting

It may happen sooner than you think. They year it does watch the harvest numbers plummet in NJ and tickets for illegal baiting skyrocket. 

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State won’t ban bait .

farmers are making way more money selling hunters corn , than they can get on normal market .

state could care less if the deer heard crashed here .

‘would make their life easier 


watch what happens to available corn if the price keeps rising .

was down below 3 bucks a bushel to just under 7 now.


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Some of the things State's do to curb CWD really make me scratch my head. Here in Kansas we can only bait deer on private land, this makes no sense to me. If the biologists feel deer feeding together over a bait pile spreads CWD, why not ban baiting everywhere? It's not like I have met any deer who can distinguish private from public land.  So I guess guys that put tarsal glands in their boot laces, won't be able to do that anymore...

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The second CWD is detected in NJ, the plan is to prohibit baiting, at least in the CWD areas (they say "may be" but I'm betting they do that):



"The first CWD case in New Jersey and all subsequent index cases would trigger the following response actions. ... Legislation and/or emergency regulations may be enacted to implement appropriate disease surveillance and containment measures within the DCA. These can include but are not limited to: expanding deer seasons and increasing bag limits, mandatory deer check‐in at designated NJDFW check stations, the issuance of special permits for the harvest of deer by licensed hunters on areas prescribed by NJDFW, the prohibition of deer rehabilitation, limitations on deer feeding or baiting, the prohibition of carcass importation, the prohibition of intra‐state deer movement, the ban of urine‐based lures, New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife Chronic Wasting Disease Plan – 2013 Page 8 of 13 the prohibition on importation of deer semen, and the implementation of necessary actions to secure captive cervid facilities."


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