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St. Thomas USVI Fishing Advise


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So the wife and I were invited to spend a week on a catamaran sailing around St. Thomas and St. John islands in the USVI.  We are flying out there next week.  Questions I have revolve around fishing...  Has anyone been there and if so, any suggestions on areas to try, bait/lures to use, gear, etc...  In my research I've found that Tarpon are very plentiful around these islands and it is definitely a bucket list fish for me, in addition to Cudas, mackerel, grouper, various snapper, blue runners, etc...  I don't want to get my hopes up too much but it sounds like the chances of tangling with some of these fish are good.  

Last but not least, I have a Daiwa Ardito travel rod that's rated for 8 to 17 lb line which may be a little on the light side for this excursion so I'm looking for any suggestions on a heavier spinning travel rod to add to my arsenal.

Thanks In Advance!


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If you wind up cruising over any reefs a bucktail topped with a little trailer or little squid strip will catch just about anything and everything, I was just in Bahamas and caught a few kinds of fish on bucktails near and on reefs in that fashion without squid just a curl tail, but feel like I woulda done better with squid tipped. Caught a few good sized mutton snappers off the rocks that where VERY fun to fight. Also mixed bag of barracuda other smaller snappers etc

As much as I’m a DIY type guy , I actually wound up getting a guide to go for bonefish while down In Bahamas and it was worth it, id say if it’s a “bucket list” fish it might be worth getting a guide to try for tarpon especially if you don’t got the gear to bring down there to catch them

sorry if this post wasn’t much help specifically for the Virgin Islands , good luck and catch em up enjoy!

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I have never fished those islands but most of them have Bonefish. I highly recommend grabbing a fly rod and going after them either with a guide or on your own. One of my all time favorite fish stalking a flat just can't be beat. If you are only throwing with the spinning reel check these out they will catch everything in the shallows.


As James stated jigs tipped with plastics and fresh will keep you busy.

Since you will also be on a boat you can get on a patch reef and get a slick going and bail Yellowtails with squid or any cut bait.

For cuda you just can't go wrong with a Cuda Tube. just crank them fast and hold on.

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