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Grills !!!!!

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2 hours ago, WVAhunter08 said:

Weber all day long BUT DO NOT buy one from a big box store, go to a Weber dealer. The ones they sell at depot use cheaper parts. The genesis series is an awesome grille with a ton of options (I used to sell grilles at a hardware store Lol) 

The best advice around. 

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A great addition to the over the counter Weber kettle grill is a rotisserie.

 I have one and I recommend it.  One Christmas I roasted a goose on it and it was tremendous.  I used the barriers you can buy to keep the coals against the sides and caught the goose fat with a pan directly underneath.  Smoky goose fat cooked potatoes are a rare treat!

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Just picked up a Pit boss Austin XL from Walmart. Great pellet grill. I have made chicken and 321 ribs yesterday that were amazing. I also have a weber that I will use  if I need to make some quick burgers but if I have the time the pellet grill is great!


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I am an official Weber grill snob.  I need to get a new one this year.  The one I have is over 22 years old, and I beat the crap out of it.

I STRONGLY recommend this one if you have the spare coin:  https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/charcoal-grills/original-kettle/original-kettle-premium-charcoal-grill-22/14401001.html

This is what you use to light the coals.  https://www.weber.com/US/en/accessories/what's-hot/must-have-accessories/7416.html


If you have more money to spend, get a better Weber grill.  I also have the rotisserie for the charcoal grill and already burnt out one motor.  It was about 15 years old at the time.  I have done a 20# turkey using the rotisserie, charcoal, and some different woods to add flavor.  It'll also fit two large roasting chickens too, so that's a bonus!  https://www.weber.com/US/en/accessories/accessories-by-category/tools--et--cookware/rotisserie-2290/2290.html

The key to charcoal grilling is the lid.  Put the food on and SHUT THE LID!!!  Set a timer and when it goes off, take the lid off to flip the food and SHUT THE LID!!!  I almost had to beat this into @LPJR, but he's got it mastered now.  You're tempted to look at the food, but keeping the lid down prevents flare-ups, and holds the heat in to cook the food.  Once you get the hang of that you'll move into adjusting the vents to get to a certain temperature.  Usually, I keep the vents wide open.  I can cook almost anything that way.  However, when I do ribs, drop the temp to do some slow and low cooking.  Takes about 90-120 to make baby-back ribs, and they fall off the bone when they're done.

Get a Weber.  Don't look back.

Sapere aude.


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im strictly a charcoal ( real charcoal, not briquetts) and real wood griller/smoker. i wouldnt change anything i do because of the smoke and flavor it gives off. you also get a deeper smoke with real wood. however, in your situation i would opt for the combo charcoal and propane grill that way you have both. 

i will add that smoking or grilling with real wood does have a learning curve but its a fun learning curve and once you get it youll never go back. im not about pushing a button so i can go do yard work while i have prime cut meat or ribs in the smoker. its just not the same. 

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6 hours ago, LPJR said:

WEBER. Hands down. 

@Haskell_Huntergot me one for my birthday. Our propane grill makes an excellent food and utensil "holder" ever since. Have never went back to using propane after using the charcoal grill.

The chimney is key for starting it...





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