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Anyone interested in an ‘05 Xterra?

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Getting a new truck so I’m selling my ‘05 Xterra.   Would be good for someone that doesn’t mind working on cars and looking for a beater hunting or farm vehicle.  It’s 4x4 ~175k miles.   Black in color. Has 2” factory tow hitch with factory trailer light wiring.   The following is probably going to sound worse than it is but want to be 100% transparent on the condition of the car.  If these few things are fixed, I think you’d be in pretty good shape. Blew a brake line (assuming it’s just a line so you’d need to confirm) the other day so that needs to be fixed.   Also missing the tailpipe from muffler back but I bought a new bolt on Dynomax catback exhaust system (everything is included from cats back.. pipes, connectors, muffler, tail pipe with chrome end etc..).  The exhaust stuff was around $400 and is brand new.  It will come with car but you need to install.   All bolt on so shouldn’t be that bad.    Tires are about 2 years old but I hardly used the car as it was just for hunting so I’d guess they have 5000 miles or less on them.  They are top of the line Continentals.  Engine runs great.  Been using synthetic oil since I brought the car new.   Replaced plugs with NGK Platinum within 5-10k miles ago so being that they are good for 100k miles you would never have to replace them again.   Also needs front windshield fluid sprayer pump.  VDC and Slip dashlights are on. I think that has something to do with the brake line going but never ran codes so not sure.  

Again, given it’s age this car would be best for someone that is willing to work on cars and wants a beater for hunting or farm.   


Selling as is for $1,500 and must have 50 posts on this site.   




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50 minutes ago, 6.5 Swede said:

They are a solid and capable OR vehicle.  I have a 2011 and just love it.  Last SUV built on a pickup chassis.  Good price, even with the needed repairs.

Thanks.  This truck has been great.  If I had a little more time to work on it I would definitely keep it.  I used it pretty much solely for hunting and fishing the last few years so was nice to be able to leave all my equipment in it. 

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44 minutes ago, Bonefreak said:


can’t get this thing sold!!??

Guna forward this to a pal who has a son that just got his license 

I'm surprised it's not sold either but he just might be holding out for our community, if he put that on Craigslist that'd be gone tomorrow. One owner he's transparent about the issues. I was looking at them before I bought my pathfinder. They were all around three or four grand Plus in that year zone. Be a great suv for your friend's son  imo,hunting vehicle and stuff, regular oil change and regular maintenance good for another 150,000 miles.

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