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Wife's New Car

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She's been deserving a new car, and we have owned three Hyundai with great luck....We didn't want to kill the wallet so we have been eyeing the Elantra and been shopping around.....This morning one of the dealers local to us called with the best deal, we went down and sure enough got the deal done.....picking up on Monday



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7 minutes ago, Buckeyes11 said:

I’m on my 3rd Elantra. Ran all 3 of em to around 175k with zero issues. My daily commute to work is 85 miles round trip. Good luck with it

My commuter car is a 2012 Elantra,  as I type this I have 304, 466 miles on it....just replaced the starter and battery....I will donate it at the end of the year

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10 minutes ago, Bonefreak said:


nice to hear some success w that company....a friend had the Hyundai Veloster and it was a lemon...luckily she got out of it w the warranty 

That's what my wife had now, I hate. Why she purchased it I have no idea, worst car I've driven in the snow. GTI engine sucks

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1 hour ago, MRMCR said:

Unions killed the American auto industry.......I know quite a few local GM workers who havent worked in more than 10 years and are still getting paid.......my thoughts are on starting a car company in Portugal.......

know what your talking about before you bash the unions , some may be getting paid as part of the deal to be replaced by robots , american auto industry started to go down hill when toyota started dumping cars / trucks in the usa  below cost in the 1960s and 1970s

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On 4/17/2021 at 3:57 PM, JD48 said:

shame they cant make american cars to last that long , good luck with new ride

I had a Saturn that I ran to 263 before selling it and I know the guy who still has it. Currently 325 and still going.. 2008 Saturn Aura (Basically a Chevy Malibu). It's just the guys like you that use maple syrup instead of motor oil.:rofl: And yes good luck with the new call.. They are sharp and have technology out the ass...

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