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Today was one of those days to remember.

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We went trout fishing last year. My 9 year old did well but my 6 year old, nothing.


So we got her a better pole. Had her casting a small weight in the back yard.

Then, dad learned a lesson to get bait well ahead of time.


It worked.


Today was one of those days to remember.

It was a cold morning. Up at 630. Sun coming up, cold breath, hands and feet. I knew things would be interesting but did not expect action from 8AM until 945AM.

I didn't even bother, just let the two of them have at it. What a beautiful morning!

L caught 5 landed 4
M 2
But who is counting lol




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Now i Just need to get out more. They both keep asking me to go on a boat. I would love to take them on a head boat. I would need my wife or a buddy to go with me if I bring both the girls.

I hope we can do it this spring/summer.

Both of them still get excited like they are fighting a tuna when they trout fish lol. We use 4' 6" rods with like 4 or 6lb test.

My 9 year old started casting lures last year. She still hasn't caught anything with a lure.

My goal for my 7 year old is to get her using a spinning reel instead of the thumb button.

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