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Hit the water today for April fools day .

first stop was North branch , as I pull up no one there but the stocking truck .

watched them throw a lot of netfulls of fish in .

fished about an hour, along with another person that had come a little later .

not one hit or follow. Figured fish were still air bound so headed to the south branch .

two guys were just leaving said it was slow . Fished an hour and had 3 there .

 Moved to the musky and it was just silly fishing . Easily catching well over 50 rainbows there the next 2 hours 

‘all normal cookie cutter stockers 9/11”.

wind settled for a few minutes so I walked back up to grab my fly rod .

fished for a solid hour ,  not a bump.

was tough casting in the crazy wind that came back with a vengeance , but I gave it my best effort .

was fishing an Adams , with a bead head prince dropper .

looking forward to catching some fish this week hopefully on the fly. Rod .


north branch was little High with medium staining .

south branch and musky were little high but very clear .


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the prince dropper was a good idea. next time try a double nympth rig and get those flies almost bouncing off the bottom. i normally fish a realstic nypmth on the bottom and an attractor pattern on the top. i put split shot in between the two flies to get them down fast. water is still cold. rainbows (especially freshly stocked) like egg patterens as well and san jaun worms or the squirmy wormie. 

i tie hares ears with ice dubbing and it catches me more fish then the traditional hares ear. i normally always have one tied on to locate fish, then i go from there. once the ice dubbing gets wet, it turns a light purple. fish love it. 

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Nice Dan!  Most rivers are a bit too high and too cold suddenly for stocked trout to rise in.  I'm getting reports of early Hendricksons just over the border in PA today, but no fish rising yet to them over there for likely the same reasons.  Saturday or possibly as late as Sunday will be the first break out dry fly day, trust me!   

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