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What a day :-(


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I ordered a generator in September of last year and 8 week lead time turned into 6 months>
The crew showed up this morning to install it and they were done around 2PM. as they were cleaning up and loading their trucks, washer repairman showed up, after two weeks since the washer broke. 
As soon as he turned the washer on the lights in my house started to flicker. The dryer and microwave had a similar effect. I ran outside to talk to the electrician with the other crew before they left. 
They checked everything for almost an hour and told me the only other possibility is bad ground in the street. So here I am arguing with a machine at JCPL for 15 minutes, unable convey my problem. The only option the recording gave me was to report I had no power. Surprisingly JCP&L showed up with in an hour. They reconnected the ground on the street and at the house but the problem did not go away. The guy tested everything with a load on and told me the problem is the service wire and I need to hire electrician to replace it. Back on the phone, of curse this is afterhours so I was only able to get answering service. I was told someone will be calling me soon with EAT. So I am waiting again. 


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So the light were flickering so bad I had to shut it down to avoid destruction of my appliances. But guess what I have a generator. It was set up for pressure test for tomorrow so the gas line is disconnected from the gen with a gauge on it. I took the gage off, depressurized the line and connected it to the gen set. I set the gen on auto start and flip the breaker off on the two way switch, disconnecting the house from the grid. The generator kicked in and I have good power until the problem is fixed. Whats next? :shock: I am scared :)

this is it:



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3 minutes ago, CJ3a said:

I have only worked with industrial generators. Those switch on for plus or minus  20% on line voltage on any leg and something like 1% on frequency. 

What you are saying the gen will go on even for a brownout?

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On a industrial generator it will start on low voltage. So yes a brown out will start a industrial generator.  I would hope yours would as well. 

I spent most of my money on hunting and fishing. The rest I just wasted.

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