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Brand new NJ Turkey hunter!


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Hello everyone,

   I won my first ever turkey permit from the lottery this year. I actually got 2 permits for zone 15. Period A & Period B. I was wondering if anyone else on here hunts in zone 15? I see some areas are off limits to hunting in that zone and I am having a hard time finding info online. (all I see is info about visiting Batsto village). I plan on going out sometime in the near future and scoping some locations out...but I guess my question is this, what is access like into the zone? Do a lot of people turkey hunt there? Has anyone had success hunting this area? I am not looking  to crowd anyone, just curious about the area because I have never hunted it before. I am interested in any advice, tips or recommendations anyone has for hunting in zone 15. 


Thanks and good luck to everyone headed out next month!    

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Wharton state forest. Lots of land.  
Jackson road. 
Atsion road.  
Chew road
Just a few roads that are in or go along Wharton. Get your self a map. Outline the zone.  Some of Wharton is in other turkey zones(16) so watch your borders.  
I seen longbeards by pilgrim lake in Wharton bike ridden. 2 weeks ago lot of land out there. Pretty sure that's zone 15

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