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Best ice fishing products


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We all have our opinions on products and that's why I like forums....can get some good & some not so good advice. Here is mine on ice fishing products! 

Best tip up: heritage laker  (bass, pickerel, perch, crappie). 

Best tip up for trout/salmon: jawjacker

Best auger: nils USA

Best auger accessory: clam corp plate/adapter (BEST brushless drill is milwaukee or Dewalt for power). 

bait can: Engel bait storage/bubbler





Screenshot_20210312-201601_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Screenshot_20210312-201607_Amazon Shopping.jpg


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Great post and product recommendations! :up:

If you can, please post the Amazon share links! That little icon with 3 dots and the lines on the top right.  Likewise with any other store/website product links.  That way it's guaranteed to take members who are interested to that exact product.  The images help too to see the products! :up:


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I just got back into ice fishing this year and had to catch up on quite a bit. Ordered some heritage Lakers and am very happy with their quality. Mostly getting ready for next year. Ordered an Eskimo pistol bit auger for the drill which ran through the ice like a champ. Among a few other things worth. Mentioning is an inline reel.  I much prefer it for jigging over a spinning reel. I also converted my garmin striker fish finder which worked well but I ordered the ice transducer for next year. Got back into it late this year and only got a few trips in but had an absolute blast. I forgot how much fun it was. I will be ordering a small shelter for next year so I can take my daughter out for the whole day. I hope we get solid ice again. I even built a rod holder and auger mount for the jet sled. Can’t wait. 


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