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Anyone hunt Double Trouble State Park

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Name says it all....Double Trouble!!


that being said....vast area of woods and thick swamps and holds plenty of deer & one of the biggest ocean county bucks I ever saw was killed on GSP near that exit. 

get boots on the ground n scout it...it’s never a waste of time. 

Kayak float creeks n water ways to scout n less risk for chiggers prior to first frost period 

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I hunted there growing up. My uncle was the park ranger . He lived on the property.  He drove that park day and night.  He always told me to get deep into the swamp s. But I really never listened because the thought of having to drag something out .lol. I seen some nice deer. But never scored anything to get excited about.  Should have listened to him. Some real nice bucks have been taken in the area though.  The clubs push all the surrounding public area. Sounds like ww2 during 6 day. I would say it's a good area if you bow hunt.  But listen to my uncle and get deep into the swamps!

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