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What a day thanks to NJWW


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Just joined this site a few months ago and already I’ve received warm welcomes, great advice, and even met some awesome people making gear purchases since I only started hunting a little over a year ago and don’t have much yet (some that would be otherwise impossible or way too expensive due to today’s supply/demand chaos). 

About a month ago I bought my first slug gun from @BillW0323 an H&R Ultra Slug in 12ga equipped with an already sighted in scope and a couple boxes of sabot slugs.

A few weeks ago I bought a bunch of assorted hunting clothing from @JulienPetros that would’ve cost hundreds more if I went out and bought brand new from a store.

Today in particular was awesome... Yesterday after getting back from Griffin and Howe shouldering guns to try to get a feel for what exact sporting clay gun I want, I posted a very specific WTB: Browning Citori 725 12ga 30-32” barrels and adjustable comb. Within minutes @MikeStaten puts me in touch with a friend selling one for a very reasonable price. So today, we met up to do the FFL transfer. But on my way there, I met up with @Pathman to pick up a matching Browning shooting vest to round out my Browning purchase. Thanks guys for the help, sales, conversations, and wealth of knowledge, and here are some pictures of today’s stuff for all my fellow gear junkies out there!







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Just now, ratherbhunting said:

Congrats on your purchases, it looks like you have been bitten by the hunting/shooting  bug.

Oh he’s been bitten alright, couldn’t shut the kid up!😂

Great to see the enthusiasm of a new hunter, it’s something us “ol timers” sometimes forget, or take for granted, but then you run into a newbie, and the spirit and excitement of our sport/passion is renewed by their enthusiasm. 
I’d advise everyone to find something to sell/give Anthony, it will be worth it just to meet  him!😉


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17 minutes ago, BowhunterNJ said:

Wow beautiful gun!  Great stories too of all the member interactions!  That's what makes this site so awesome, members like all of you!  :up:

This! :agree:

Lots of good people on one of the best sites out there. 

The owner is "A'ight" also! :first:

Nice job Matt! 

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