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NJ Woods & Water 2020-2021 Adult Deer Contest Winners & Prizes


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Well, deer season here in NJ has come to and end for the 2020-2021 season! Below are the final results, donation/prize breakdowns, and winners for the NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Adult Deer Contest! :up:
Congratulations to all the successful hunters this season, as well as all of the contest winners! :up::up::up:


Donation Breakdown:

  • Team Contest: Donation Percentage
  • Individual Contest: $290
  • Donations: $635 + Two (2) $50 gift certificates to the first two adult individual winners courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld [Will apply to the Top 2 Individual Contest winners]

Prize Breakdown:

  • Team Contest $635, rounded up to $645 by NJW&W
    • $215 each (3 team members)
  • Individual Contest $290 with a ~39.66%, ~25.86%, ~17.24%, ~10.34%, ~6.90% breakdown for Top 5 prizes
    • 1st Place: $115
    • 2nd Place: $75
    • 3rd Place: $50
    • 4th Place: $30
    • 5th Place: $20


Team Contest Winners:


Individual Contest Winners:

  1. @MGHunter66: 80.5 points [16.0 doe + 64.5 buck]
  2. @BEAR: 78.5 points [16.0 doe + 62.5 buck]
  3. @Lunatic: 77 points [16.0 doe + 61.0 buck]
  4. @3Blade: 76.0 points [16.0 doe + 60.0 buck]
  5. @Nomad: 75.5 points [16.0 doe + 59.5 buck]


Prizes Awarded to the Winners:

I'll message each member to coordinate prize distribution!  Congratulations to all the winners and great job by all who participated!!! 
Please let me know ASAP if you see any issues with the winners or prize breakdowns!
Pictures of the Winners' Seasons:



















IMG_3272 - Copy (2).JPG

IMG_3204 (2).JPG












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Messages sent to:

 @MGHunter66: $115 (PENDING) + $50 gift certificate courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld (PENDING)
@BEAR: $75 (PENDING) + $50 gift certificate courtesy of @BobandAJsArcheryWorld (PENDING)


Bob & AJ's Archery World Face Book Bob & AJ's Archery World Clothing  LEO - FIRE - MIL receive 10% discount

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Congrats again to all the Adult winners!  All prizes have been sent from NJ Woods & Water! :up:

@BobandAJsArcheryWorld has also PMed the winning members to coordinate their gift cards!

Big thanks to @Lunatic for the early donation of his winnings to the next youth contest, which will likely be the 2021 Youth NJ Woods & Water Turkey Contest! :up:

And thanks to everyone for making this another awesome hunting contest here at NJ Woods & Water!  You guys consistent put some impressive animals on the ground and have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!  It's great to see the camaraderie shared between all of you every season!  Here's hoping to more success in everyone's future hunting seasons! :up::up::up:


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