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Musky float with kids this summer?

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The nice weather has me thinking about summer.  I hate when it gets over 80°F but if I'm in the water its tolerable.  I want to organize a tube float with some of the families we're friends with-kids range in age from 6-10.  If we put in at Hampton park (right at the Route 31 bridge) where is a good pickup point if we want to float for about 3-4 hours with a stop for lunch along the way?  I'm thinking late May/early June.  I know the Delaware gets pretty low/slack around July.  I want to go when its deep enough so that we're not having to get up and walk the tubes a lot but not so deep or fast that it would be too rough for the kids.  Any trouble spots downstream from Hampton to worry about?  Old dams, weirs, eel traps, hydraulics, etc...?

I live back in the woods you see

My woman and the kids and the dogs and me

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That section is slow, if you float to Shuts Rd green bridge or graphite mills you are easy a few hours and you WI be doing some walking.

We floated Delaware from Douglas at the back end of Worthington to the S turns on 80 in July float was great no walking however it was like 5 hours in river with stops to jump off rocks and eat lunch 

That section a lot of people float, no dams till asbury, 

That section was our go to as a skip school day and walk to Trout fish many years ago.




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Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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We do that stretch multiple times when water is high in kayaks.   Pull them in to wall and use rope over dam at graphite mill and then pull out under 78 in Bloomsbury.  Great run when water is high but many low spots.   

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I agree with the comments above.  The stretch just above Shurts road is pretty shallow  and rocky so no fun to walk over unless wearing adequate footwear when the water is low.  Another thing to watch is the number of sweepers (trees that have fallen across the river) especially given the number of dead ash trees around here right now.

With decent flows and allowing for a portage in Asbury, you could probably float down to Route 78 bridge up stream of Bloomsbury within 4-6 hours from Hampton.

I know that paddling from Hampton park to my home can be done in about 30 minutes when flows are good.  Maybe slower just floating though YMMV

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