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Pelican 1700 case f/s


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This case is like new,I only used it on one hunting trip. Pelican 1700 with foam.Waterproof with air valve and wheels Not for long guns that don't break down. I used it for my Excalibur Crossbow. The outside dimensions are 38.12 X 16 X 6.12    165.00

I'm in Ringwood NJ


download (36).png

download (37).png

download (38).png

download (39).png

download (40).png

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  • toxo changed the title to Pelican 1700 case f/s

That is a great price for that case!  It's about $100 off of MSRP.  I would have jumped on it except I need a longer case (48" minimum) for the rifle I want to put in it.  GLWS, this should sell instantly for this price.

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