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WTB O/U Sporting Clay Gun


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Did very well with tax returns so it’s finally time to upgrade to a legit sporting gun. I know asking for specifics is a long shot right now, but I prefer to buy used because I love guns with a story behind them and I don’t mind seeing some signs of use. To me it just adds character, especially when I get to meet and talk to the previous owner.

I’m looking for:

-Most importantly a seller who wouldn’t mind meeting at a WMA shotgun range to shoot some clays with me so I can check gun fit and how it handles before buying (I would bring the clays and thrower - Champion workhorse with a wobble base, tons of fun!). Worst case, I decide the gun isn’t the right fit for me and you get to shoot some clays on my dime.

-12ga with 28, 30, or 32” barrels 

-QUALITY O/U SPORTING gun (not trap, not field, not semi-auto) like Beretta 680 series Sporting, Browning Citori, CX, CXS, 725, Winchester 101, Caesar Guerini, Rizzini, etc...

-Ideally under $2,500

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14 minutes ago, OldPiney Woods said:

Griffin&Howe just posted on their used shotgun site a Beretta 12 gauge Silver Pigeon ll with 32 inch barrels.

Yes I saw that too. I hope I can get up there before someone else gets it... every time I call them about stuff it’s sold already. Just such high demand and low supply these days. 

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Went up to Griffin and Howe today and that Beretta sold yesterday... HOWEVER, I got the chance to mount a bunch of guns from the slightly secret “already sold but not picked up” closet. Including Berettas, Caesar Guerinis, Blasers, and NAMELY a Browning Citori 725 Sporting. LOVED IT. 

so I’m updating my WTB listing:

-Browning Citori 725 Sporting 12ga 30-32” barrels (ideally with adjustable comb)

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