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Shed Hunting Tips


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Went out for the first time ever in the woods behind my house. It’s county land, but not easily accessible to anyone other than the houses that back up to it and the few others who know it’s there. Always tons of deer activity (unfortunately not allowed to hunt it). Saw a couple nice bucks this year almost on a daily basis, so I figured why not give it a shot and walk around in the woods instead of sitting on the couch today. Also, there aren’t any others who live in the area who would have snatched anything up already, I have one neighbor who hunts pheasants but I doubt he’s out back shed hunting. I barely ever see anyone back there except for the occasional few teenagers likely hiding out to drink or smoke. 

I followed sign, tracks, trails, looked near some beds and rub trees, but no dice. I wasn’t necessarily expecting to just walk out there for the first time ever and come home with something, but I also want to make sure I’m not missing any key strategies or anything.

Any input is welcome, I’d love to go out again soon with some more know-how. 

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First thing is you have to be where the deer are. Most important to deer this time of year is food. If there aren’t  any crop fields nearby you’ll have to find natural browse. Check travel routes from bed to feed and open/grassy areas along with south facing slopes,they get the most sun. If there are any wet areas look for “mounds” or higher ground within,I do well in these type areas. Get out there and put miles on but pay attention. I generally average 1-2 mph when I’m shed hunting. Most importantly enjoy being out there,some people never get to enjoy the things we see as outdoors men and women. Good luck and post anything you find!

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I always focus on bedding areas first.  I find a majority of sheds there.  Then i focus on trails leading out of known bedding areas.  I will also particularly check areas where deer have to jump to cross such as streams, fences, blowdowns, etc.  take your time.  I use binoculars and shed hunt as if i was still hunting.  I pick apart known areas, take a few steps and do over.  Sounds silly but make sure you are looking for antlers instead of just walking and looking.  I find a ton of sheds every year that ive watched people walk right past.  If its a residential area, find out whos feeding deer and look near there.  I find sheds every year over food plots as they fight a lot for food knocking antlers off all the time.  Just my $.02, good luck

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