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Thank You Just Hunt/Points for Team 2

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Came home today from taking the family camping in PA and the Rattling Horns I won in Sept. which were donated by Just Hunt were sitting on my front porch.

Took them out out of the box and tried them. WOW did they sound awesome. Had to get out and try them although I know it is still a bit early.

Got on Stand about 4 PM , Figured deer would not be moving till late with the wind.

Set out with a goal of a zone 9 legal buck of at least 2.5 yrs old

About 5:15 the wind died a bit and I tickled the Horns for about 20-30 seconds to imitate 2 bucks setting early pecking order.

~10-15 minutes later a large doe and her fawn walk under me and start staring to the left.

I look left and see a large body deer(buck) ~ 100 yds away coming towards us.

The doe met the deer the other deer at about 50 yds to the left of me and the buck lets out 3 or 4 grunts and I can see he is about 17-18" wide.

The doe wants nothing to do with it an comes past me at 15 yds to go back from where she came.

I get ready expecting the buck to follow, but he walks off and begins tearing up a sapling ~40yds in front of me.

While I know my crossbow can make the 40 yd shot, I make a pact with myself when I had to switch from bow to crossbow last summer due to a shoulder problem to limit my shots to within 30yds.

Suddenly, the buck stops rubbing and looks back from where he came.

I look and see another buck that appears to have bigger body and what looks like a 8 point rack coming from the other bucks original direction and the first buck takes off like he is intimidated by the other buck.

The second buck hits an opening at about 22-25 yards and I make a quick bleat with my mouth to stop him and let the bolt fly.

The buck went 40 yds and dropped within sight.

Although I thought he was a little bigger when I took the shot I am still excited to have had the opportunity to harvest him.

Thank You again Just Hunt for some great sounding horns and thanks to our Creator for making hunts like this possible.


Sorry for the long post



2014 8 ptr.jpg

8 ptr.jpg

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