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Great swamp wildlife refuge huntable??


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doubt you can turkey hunt there. 


Looks like its deer hunting only, and requires a federal permit

Note also - page 55 of the digest, for zone 10 they only list Black River WMA as public turkey hunting land - doesn't list Great Swamp (and they do list national wildlife refuges here - notice they list Edwin Forsythe for zone 16. So the fact they do not list Great Swamp tells me it is not legal to turkey hunt there).


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And they are very strict in the Great Swamp........Federal Land.....trails only.......we did an estate sale at a horse farm in the Great Swamp and the feds posted all around the property No Trespassing under surveilance......a lot to explore there but not allowed to.......


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3 hours ago, Gobblengrunt said:

No turkey hunting the swamp but there are a lot of birds in the area if you can score some private ground.  There are a lot of liberal anti hunting folk in that area making access extremely tough

Unfortunately that’s very true.  Finding private in NJ to hunt is almost impossible.  When I lived in PA I used to be able to knock on a door and 90% of the time they’d let you hunt.  It’s stigmatized here.  Like hunters are dangerous people with guns.  It’s not the case but it’s the reality we must deal with!  Good luck!

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