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RIP Kmtpr


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A few weeks ago we lost a member, my aunt Kathy. Many of you know her by her handle KMTPR. She's been active on both forums for the past 15 years or so. She got involved in the forums to follow my taxidermy posts because she was proud of my work- probably my biggest fan from day 1. She never hunted..but enjoyed lurking the site and soon became extremely active. She became so interested that she (windowed 3x and in her 60s) decided to get some handguns and take up shooting at the bullet hole. (She did used to shoot when she was much younger with her first husband). She also became very active in the politics of hunting and went to meetings and advocated to help get crossbows passed. She was a very giving and loving person who helped many people throughout her life. A few years back she moved to KY to live with a family that she had actually met through NJH. She lived a good life and enjoyed late night fishing in KY until she couldn't walk anymore. Her KY family would bring her to the river with them and set her up with a chair close to the truck so she could enjoy fishing with them. She used to text me (at 70 years old and in bad health) at 1 AM photos of catfish they were catching lol.sad to see her go- but she suffered pretty badly over the last few years. In and out of the hospital and nursing homes- beat covid a few months ago- and passed suddenly and unexpectedly that night to heart failure at home just a few hours after face timing with my parents and complaining about Biden.


I just wanted to make a post here to let all of her fourm friends know she is no longer with us.


RIP Aunt K!


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