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WTB: New 2020 Model Colt Python

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2 hours ago, Sako76 said:

Thanks Merkel.  I would really like to handle both the 4" and 6" but I don't think that is going to happen.  do you remember the price?

I want to say $1,700. It was stainless steel with a walnut grip. The guy behind the counter told me it wouldn’t last long. 

I want a Python but I prefer 4”/4.25” barrels because after a couple of hours at the range, the 6” gets heavy for me..... 

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I have one of the originals have been offered big money for it . I shoot it and enjoy it mostly 98% 38 specials 
I hope the new ones have the old trigger

My father in law has one that has less than a box of ammo through it. I think he got it around 1987

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