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  • 1 month later...

I've been that guy that pays for food/groceries when I see someone that needs help, finally a stranger 2 weeks ago paid for my coffee, guy taps me on my shoulder on his way out of a gas station DD and says "Hope your day gets better bud".

That made my day. 


In the near future I m going to offer some fishing gear freebies for the community, need to  reorganize my basement

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On 4/22/2021 at 7:01 PM, Chefhunter said:

Well, I gave away my compound bow, because I bought a crossbow from another member, and, after asking how the young lad who was “getting” the bow, if he liked it, or whatever, not even a thank you... just silence. Pretty sad

I have given away a muzzleloader and another bow, and it was great to hear what became of them, thats all, just a simple few words would have been great. OH well butt holes everywhere I guess

Yea, that silence does leave a bad taste. After reading about a father and son trapping out of state ( where real traps are allowed ) I remembered that I still had old trapping books from bygone masters from over 50 years ago. I dug them up and even delivered to his house, not so much as a thank you for my efforts.

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It’s amazing how some people are. I took a guy I met in my campground to a public land hunting spot of mine. Helped him get started hunting. Told him how to go about taking his test. Set up his hunting spot. Showed him how to scout the woods. Gave him hunting clothes. He killed a deer two yrs in a row. Never got a thank you. Third year he saw deer but didn’t connect. All he did was complain about how far of a drive it was . That there wasn’t many deer there. Tried to explain to him that it’s not about killing every time you go out.  Had the nerve to ask me to find another spot for him. Told him to scout and find the deer on your own.

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