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1 hour ago, Mallard1100 said:

I was hoping the mods can make it a permanent thread on the top of the classifieds forum if it’s possible? I think that would be best otherwise the thread could be hard to find if these isn’t any fresh activity. 

I moved it to the Classifieds and Pinned it.  

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I have lots of new stuff still with Tag's. My boys are growing so fast. my 12 year old is already 5'5. Last years Padagonia's don't fit him anymore.

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7 hours ago, topneck said:

Bowtech Extreme VFT, RH, 28" draw, 70 lb. With 6 Goldtip arrows, Scott Quickshot release & Slick Trick BH's. I purchased a new bow this year & would like to see someone who is looking to get into the sport, get some good use out of my old setup. I'm in South Jersey near AC.

That is very generous TN!!!  

Welcome to the site!!!  

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  • BowhunterNJ changed the title to Pay it Forward Topic
11 minutes ago, smittty said:

Man that bow is a nice offer. I think I can beat it. Here you go my ol lady  First I’ll take it nd she’s yours


I'll trade you, even up!

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