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Behind the scenes- antler repair

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Had to repair a broken tine on todds elk so I casted the opposite sides matching point in silicone and made a mold. Heated the mold and bent it the mirror image and reattached it to the other side. Blended with epoxy and painted to match.
Edit: and of course the pictures uploaded out of order because I did a bulk upload so use your imagination lol..

Normally I would have sculpted the tine 100% out of epoxy but this time I wanted to try something new and I really like the outcome. I'll probably be doing my antler repairs like this for the larger repairs at least. 3f481bd003d421d6d4fbdf8936d22fb3.jpg85a64585c03d20098b7f0f6a4a4d4ccd.jpgb00e0fb9133ec8b4b8bb72184b444390.jpg1cafc599618659f7390bf97444d4f8fe.jpg08cad620b04657e53fa8d4e67c5f2e02.jpg998f0c66244a0d5c64b0298e9d093ad5.jpg37dc6275786fb80fba2229adb992895c.jpg37b181366decf5561e81b9e23d224821.jpgfdbd3e198379f1988cc7e77187b69d0b.jpg
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Freakin awesome.  PP is great stuff, but I still have trouble getting it just right.  Never had any complaints, but I was never happy with the end result.  
Yea it's finicky.. sometimes absorbs patchy. I just use pp for the base then use other colors in various washes and dry brushes to get the desired streaking.. burnt umber is a pretty good color for darker racks like this one.

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