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Locksmith for car keys around Somerset County?


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I need a new fob also. I checked with a local locksmith up North here. HE WANTED$225 TO PROGRAM IT AND$90 FOR THE FOB!!! I can get the device on Amazon for$20.

I'm going to shop around for a better price. I had one done on my old truck at the local Dodge dealer. I don't recall what it cost, but it wasn't$225.

The problem I have is the battery is going down on the one I have.  I changed the battery on the device from my old truck several years ago. It is real easy to screw up the battery contacts when reassembling. I don't want to take a chance on that unless I have a backup.

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15 minutes ago, Mink said:

Any idea on the price ? 

50 bucks if you have an Ace hardware store by you stop in and talk to them.

If you're not in a hurry you want to go cheapo just buy a blank and have them cut it and program it yourself.



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you can program gm keys even if you do not have any keys at all  take the key you got cut  put it on the on position for 10 minutes everything will turn off automatically  turn off then turn to on position again  for the 10 minutes it wil go off again                           do the same for the third time   when it goes off  just turn to start should start up                      just need the key code to have a key made

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