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lucky crow - in slo-mo


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Drat!! I still can't figure out how to lead birds! From this morning - if you watch closely, you can see the shot pattern -- missed both times out in front, second one was a little low, too.

On the first shot, the crow helps his cause by applying the air brakes and performing the standard Matrix Maneuver:



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Neat video!!

seems like u are leading him way out in front....he was just lumbering along....@ maybe a distance of 40 yds??...& wasn’t doing Mach 5 like a green winged teal. 

Some of the best advice my pal ever gave me for shooting flying birds was to “cover the bird” w your barrel....most of it anyway....and follow thru with the shot. Seems to work for me....& my misses are wen I see too much of the bird n lead em too much. 

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7 minutes ago, MGHunter66 said:

Well honestly we have no proof of how you are on big game either :eyebrow:

Sure you do.  Search the forums for the two deer I posted a few years ago.  The proof is on the forums.  And they were the only two deer in Zone 3 harvested this decade.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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reminds me of my first time hunting Brant.    two are flying by one behind the other, I shoot and the second one comes falling down, I'm getting congrats from my friends, and I confess that I was shooting at and leading the first one

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This one didn't get away! They came in so quick, I got to excited and forgot to activate the camera -- oh well.

Notice how clever I am - I made it into the shape of a "1"  :laughing:


And take a look at these -- I'm always fascinated by the velociraptor claws these things have - I wonder how many duck and turkey eggs they helped crush..


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