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Saturday's Bow Shooting, Beer Drinking, Wood Cutting Party!

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3-D bow shoot,  100 yard crossbow shoot,  axe throwing,  game meat cooked over an open fire,  adult beverages,  free firewood for the taking,  Kype's wood splitting competition,  BCsaw's Hot Saw Challenge,  Jack and Tim's whose truck has more balls pulling contest, .  .  .  

Saturday,  March 20th,   11:00 - ????

46 Asbury Road, Hackettstown 07840. 


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The Guest List:

1.  Our Host:  Not22s,  bringing trees,  fire,  bow range,  etc.   .   .   . 
2.  Rusty, The Beard, Bloody Hands, and The Scotsman
     Bringing saws, mauls, and adult beverages
3.  Lectric,  bringing his SpyderWeb  (I don't know what that is)
4.  GreyBeard  
5 + 6.  The Bobs, Junior and Senior - Cheesecake and Shrimps, Lots and Lots of Shrimps! 

7.  Rug and Mrs. Rug  -  Food
8.  3 Blade - Beer and Meat
9.  UK - Beer and Q  (I don't know what Q is)
10.  LPJR & JR-Goose Meatballs, Rusty's Homemade throwing axes  
11.  HH - Tannerite and beer for Rusty  
12.  Buck154 - Shed antler chew toys for the pups (Bet you John didn't see this!) :rofl:
13.  Nomad - nuff said
14. YODA  - Sweet Tea and Sugary Sweets!!!!   
15.  Tuck
16.  230 -  throwing axes!!!  :rock:
17.  BC and his Big Bad Saw  
18.  Gazza 
19.  Kilbo   
20.   Eyes - Venison Cheesesteaks  
21.  Ron - Venison 

22. Road King - Adult Beverages!!!  :drinking:

23.  Woodsman - HELKO WERK Tasmanian Racing Axe!!! 

24.  jhbowhunter-Heavy duty chains for pulling other trucks with

25. 51smd

26. Your name here




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29 minutes ago, NotJust22s said:

With Jay out of the picture Rusty said he would be willing to venture south of route 80. Like I mentioned in his post, I have plenty of ash trees that need to be cut before the borers kill them all. More then enough to keep everybody warm next season.

I also have a 100 yard 3D range with something like 20 targets of all shapes and sizes.

and once the cutting and shooting are done, a nice fire pit to enjoy some cold beer and red meat on the grill. 

Here is a shot or 2 of the bow range. 

I was thinking March 20th but I’m open.

Chime in and let me know what you think. I’m in Independence Township just west of Hackettstown. 




Did you ask Governor Murphy if this is okay and did you get permits?

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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