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New Deer Rifle!


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Persistence pays off in a nice way. After running my "WTB Remington 760/7600 Carbine" Want-AD in the classified section of this Forum for a couple of months. And constantly refreshing it every 3-4 days, to keep the Post active, I purchased this beautiful 7600 Carbine. This is a very early production 7600 rifle. Pre-Freedom Group. Remington did not produce any 7600 Carbines from 1980-85. Based on the Serial # and the "White Line Spacers"on the stock, this rifle has a build date somewhere in the 1987-88 range. Remington discontinued the "White Line Spacers" sometime around 1989.  Sometime in this rifles past, a gunshop has added on a recoil pad and also performed a "Magna Porting" service to help reduce recoil for my old shoulder. 

The moral of the story is that these WTB AD's pay off in a nice way!





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Super  nice weapon, and bonus is the carbine model for a faster swing when needed. Great find, good luck with with.

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Nice rifle. I'm still hoping to find a 760 carbine in .308.

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1 hour ago, Nomad said:

Very nice.  Good luck with it.  Are you going to put a scope on it?

Thanks! I removed the 3x9 Redfield Tracker that came with it. I bought this with the intention of using this with either the original iron sights or a Williams Peep. I have really good eyesight for my age. I wanted a lightweight fast handling Pump for still hunting in Maine.  I also have a Remington Model 6 Pump in .270 Cal that is nicely scoped for stand hunting.

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1 hour ago, Mallard1100 said:

 Nice find!  Hope the seller did the right thing and not charge you 2k for it! 

Although I prefer not to disclose the price that I paid, it was a really good package that came with three extra magazines, six full boxes of ammo, and the 3X9 scope. So both parties were satisfied with the price.

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2 minutes ago, nmc02 said:

I am in the minority...not a pump rifle fan. I prefer bolt guns. 3 out of 5 at hunting camp hunt w 760/7600 rifles. I sold two minty 760s a few years ago for peanuts. I hope I didn't make a mistake. I hunt w an old 700 in 30-06. 

It’s crazy to see the prices they are selling these old rifles for .

‘in the 80’s you could buy them for 150 bucks with a good scope 

Captain Dan Bias


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