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Ammo for sale


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I’ve got the following ammo for sale (Monmouth County)

900 rounds of .45 auto:

4- Winchester 100ct ($75 per box)

1- American Eagle 50ct ($45 per box)

3- Blazer 50ct (non brass casings) $45 per box

6- Blazer 50ct (brass casings) $45 per box.

300 rounds 9mm

6-PMC Bronze 50ct $35 per box

12 ga slugs:

8- Hornady 12 ga SST (5ct) $10 per box

2- Winchester 12ga Super X sabot (5ct) $10 per box

8- Federal 12 ga slug (5ct) $5 per box

Buyer must show valid NJ FID. 











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1 minute ago, 230jhp said:

I'm interested in some of the.45's, but Clarksburg might be too far....I never heard of it so it must be South Jersey.

I just checked it's down the shore. If it were fishing season I would make the drive then go surf fishing. This time of year that's not going to happen. Would you meet me halfway.. I'm in northern Passaic county.

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