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Vets Waterfowl Hunt


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Thanks to the state for adding the veterans waterfowl day to the end of the season. Getting into the water was a challenge. Oddly enough very few birds on the wing. Saw a bunch of mergansers. I did manage a nice drake ring neck and missed his buddy. Full plumage. Very beautiful bird. I saw a ton of birds last years, not so much this year I guess with everything totally locked up for the most part. 




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It wasn't the state that enabled this - it was the feds. The feds added the extra days but let the states determine WHICH days they are (that's why last year in NJ it was spread out - 1 day early season, 1 day late -- this year it was both a week apart. I wish they would go back and do it like they did last year - I liked the one day early season for the older vets since getting out in the warmer weather is easier than asking them to go out twice within a week both in frigid/snowy weather).

FWIW: Both vet days are over for the season. The NJ DFW sent out emails on this - see : https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2021/yth-vet_waterfowl21.htm and see FAQ: https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/yth-vet_waterfowl_day.htm

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