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My popup blind took 24" of snow like a trooper


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My Brickhouse popup resisted all of the recent snow and I want to thank the guy who posted that he supports it against snow with a mop handle in the center.

Kind of obvious *after* someone mentions it - I used a 70" piece of 2x4 that I had laying around and it worked like a champ!

I forget who you are but thank you very much!

Sharing it here because wading in to take a blind down in deep snow is a PIA and ruining one that you left out during a snowstorm gets old and expensive after a while (been there done that).

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I use a piece of 1.5" inside a piece of 2" pvc and telescope it to where I need it to be and then put a pin through predrilled holes. I put caps on both ends and drilled holes around the bottom incase water gets in it and the top cap has a hole in the top for the nut on the hub to fit into. It will collapse down to a smaller size for transport and getting it out of the way when using the blind. 

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