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Guess his age


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Just got my results back from Deerage.  Some know the story behind this guy, but here it is again. I wounded this buck in 2018 with my xbow but luckily had him in camera a few weeks later. Had some blood, called a dog, obviously to no avail. Last year, this 1x3 showed up on my camera and I had a feeling it was him. After several pictures, I saw his wound and knew it was the buck that I failed to seal the deal on,,,,easily my biggest buck to date. Due to the history I had with him, he was my target buck. On a day with a bad wind, I decided to take my climber and try to get him coming in from a staging area. Well, I guessed right. He came in 15 yards from me and had no idea I was there. This time, the  Matthews and Grim Reaper sealed the deal. Very proud of this deer, just a shame he isn't mounted like what he was when I first shot him. But,,,I'll take him just the way he is and the way it happened. Let's hear some age guesses.






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9 hours ago, Greybeard said:

6.5 or older.  Want to say 8.5  considering how much the rack declined.

Rack went screwy because of injury - getting hit far back with xbow bolt...


Larry - always figured 4.5 to 5.5 when you first hit it, so will go with 6.5 when you finished him off. 

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

16 3/4” Live Fluke Release Club

I shot a big 10pt once….

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