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Daily Accountability Thread

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I've been sick and hit hard with a stomach bug for the past 2 days.  Just trying to get some sleep at night and sun on my body during the day.  Been doing hot and cold exposure in the shower to help calm my body and boost the immune system (2 minutes super hot, then 2 minutes super cold.  Back and forth at least 3-4 times).  Keeping hydrated as best as I can and eating very little since nothing was staying down.  For the most part, just some bananas, wild blueberries and scrambled eggs. 

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    I'm on a SEAFOOD diet. I see food I like I EAT it.  I have Porterhouse, Ribeye or Filet once or twice a week. Pasta a couple times a week and of coarse pizza. Breakfast is coffee and a buttered roll and fast food now and then for lunch. 

  Exercise :laughing::laughing:. No time for that crap. Shed hunting, fishing and hunting or hanging with the wife is my life...Oh yeah I have to work 40 hours a week too. 

  So I should be 500 pounds but I'm not... 210-220lbs. At 52 years old I can keep up with most 50 year olds.

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23 hours ago, jumpthestring said:

I like to eat bearded snapper. maybe this weekend  no calories

Get with the program,  this isn't the 70s anymore.  Snapper should be smooth.   

Back to accountability... I'm feeling a bit better today, but not 100%.  Fasted all day and made certain to drink plenty of water.  Going to grill some nice NY Strips in a few minutes and have an early dinner.  Here's to hoping they don't shoot right through me.  No exercise for me today.  Not until I'm feeling 100%

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Mostly relaxed all weekend long and got my strength back.  I feel close to 100% now.  

Have to switch things up a little bit with training routine due to work and family obligations for the spring, so I'll now be lifting 2x/wk (Mondays and Thursdays), splitting lifts in to an Intensity day and a Volume day.  I just need to run this program for the Spring and then I can get back to normal by the summer, but in the back of my mind I think I'm going to like a 2x/week routine.  It frees up a lot of time for work, family, other exercise and physical activity, bag/pad work, biking, hiking, sprints, etc

This is what it the 2x/wk plan looks like.  Anyone else training 2x/wk?

Intensity Day - This is the day you add weight to the bar - Appropriate warmup sets, then:

Squat 2x5, Bench 2x5, Press 2x5, DL 1x5, BB Rows 3x8

Volume Day - Work at percentages of Intensity Day (Usually 85%, but depends on the lift)

Squat 4x5, Bench 4x5, Press 4x5, Chinups (3x8, add weight to keep reps at 8)

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Yesterday  was another busy day for me.  Busy with work and clients, and then coached soccer practice so at least I was running around on the field for an hour.  Fasted all day and ate about 1.5lbs worth of grassfed burgers and a huge baked sweet potato with some butter, cinnamon and fresh rated nutmeg.  

Working today and then I'm going to do some bagwork on the muy thai bag.  Maybe run some sprints as well, and/or take a nice long walk.  Fasting all day again, and then I'm going to crush a ton of bacon and eggs fried in grassfed butter.  

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Easy day today.  1 scoop of Ascent Native Fuel Whey Protein mixed in water to break my 18hr fast. 

Volume day for my lifts.

Squat 4x5 @80%

Bench 4x5 @ 80%

Press 4x5 @ 80%

Chinups 8 sets of 4 with 1m rest between sets

Dinner was 1lb of wild caught king salmon filet, broiled simply with Himalayan pink salt and fresh cracked pepper, butter and lemon juice with some sauteed green beans.  

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Had the tick bite on my nuts checked out.  Couldn't get an appointment with my reg doc, and didn't know who it was I was getting until she walked in.   Most stimulation I had in 10 years.    Taking doxycycline, and getting some work done around the house that I've been putting off for 30 years.  Think I'm going to feel better knowing it's done instead of stressing out over having to do it someday.  Same with the tick bite.  Stressed too much after not having the last bite checked out, always wondering if I had lymes or not.  Didn't want to go through that again.  Stress is bad.  Getting projects done also keeps my mind occupied on something other than food.  Scale said 205.  Thought I had lost some weight, but gained another 5 in the last year.  Would like to lose 15-20

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