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Chainsaw Help?

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Hey All, 

With this being one of the only online forums I belong to, I figured I would ask here for some help.  Can anyone point me in the right direction when it comes to chainsaws?? Looking to pick one up and have absolutely zero idea where to start. New or used, Brand, Length.... I am lost. I have tired to provide some details below, but lmk if more is needed.

If I had to guess, I would say I would use it 10-20 times a year. Primarily clearing some small trees and general landscaping work. Maybe clear a food plot or two in the woods. No firewood processing. 


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U cannot beat Stihl MS362 in 18”. Not  much u can’t do with it. Possibly the best weight to HP ratio you can find. It’s pro grade so nearly twice as much as farm boss. But I cut 8 cords firewood every year with it. It eats wood wicked  torque.  For your needs an 18” farm boss is excellent. Will weigh a little more and have a little less power so requires smaller tooth chain but prob the best all around basic average duty saw made.  Stihl prices are pretty fixed but call around - look up dealer finder online. 

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I would also recommend the Stihl farm boss. I had to log a farm I owned and process firewood for a Forest Stewardship Program with the state. I had many Stihl saws. The Farm Boss ran with the best of them. 

Before you spend money on a saw invest in a good set of chaps and safety helmet. Also watch some safety videos on Youtube.  Accidents happen, accidents with a chainsaw can be your last.

I am very experienced cutting down trees and once hit my thigh with a Stihl 460 running full blast. I had chaps on and they stopped the saw immediately and the saw did not penetrate. I was alone in the woods and without chaps I would have been dead.

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