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J.C. Higgins Model 101.1 12ga

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So my cousin’s boyfriend inherited one, looks great, but what kind of ammo is safe to shoot out of it? I can’t seem to find much info for him other than it was basically a Savage model 94 made for Sears between 1939-1961 and didn’t have a serial number. He was asking if he could shoot slugs, buckshot and Turkey loads. It’s his first gun. I told him only shoot light trap loads for now, it locks up tight and the barrel looks good.

Anybody familiar with these or can point me in the right direction? If nothing else we’ll have a gunsmith look at it.



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1 hour ago, JimmyScags said:

Thanks, yeah I forgot to mention it’s 2 3/4. I just wasn’t sure if it was ok for modern ammo or how it was choked.

You have to go back to Damascus steel barrels before you have to worry on most older shotguns.  Believe it or not, a shotgun produced even in the 1930s is "modern".  

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