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Couple muzzy questions

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It's not difficult to seat the bullet You will feel when it stopped. To be sure you can mark the ramrod to know when it's seated.

Most newer inline muzzloaders don't have a nipple the primer fits right into the breach plug. Caplocks have a nipple on the side usually for#11 percussion caps or musket caps. Some older inlines have a nipple that screws into the breach plug. For example a TC Black Diamond comes with three nipples. One for 209 primers and one for#11 caps and another for musket caps.

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Like 230 said,  mark your ramrod.  When the gun is clean and easy to load slide the bullet down until you feel it make contact with the pellets, then mark the ramrod at that point.

You will only have a nipple if you are shooting a percussion cap gun.  The nipple is what you fit the percussion cap on.  

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 5.17.34 AM.png

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