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DIY fiberglass mold project

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So I feel I need more storage on my center console boat. With all the crap we fish with and the little nick nacks also add up. And sometimes I actually use them. 

I'm talking pliers, digital hand scale, measuring stick, etc,,,,,

Some CC boats have storage under their leaning post. The seat cushion just hinges towards the helm. 

So I said self, you can do that. I've done a bunch of fiberglass decks in my hay days. So I'm no expert or a Newby. Been working  on this for 4 days, maybe have 4 hours in it.  

Just figured I'd share the process. 

1- using smooth MDF wood I make a mold to fit inside my leaning post. 


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2 - I  made the mold -1/2" all the way around. Put a 2-3" flange on it to rest on top of the leaning post tubes. Mind you,, I ran wild with the fiberglass on the flange. This will be trimmed later to 1"  I also put caulk in all the corners to make a nice radius and allows the fiberglass to follow the mold better. I used a piece of 1" pvc pipe to create a radius



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Now the fun begins. Laying up the glass. I first started with one layer of 1.5oz chopped matt. It's super easy to work with and once rolled out it's pretty smooth. It also acts to cover the weave of the structural glass (1708) bidirectional glass. I put 3 layers down of that. 

Yes it looks ruuf and ugly but one more step before gelcoat



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You can see some texture to it. That's from the rolling tool. I'm fine with it. Remember  this tray will be hidden under a seat. I'm not looking to win any awards. Just structurally sound and functional. 

I'll let it sit over night. Tomorrow I'll give it a lite sanding then start the two coats of gelcoat. White in color. 

I'll post more pics of that tomorrow. 

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