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Age this Taylor ham country buck.

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7 minutes ago, Gunsmoke said:

Charles Alsheimer once said that hunters in the business were consistently wrong at aging deer for which he knew the exact age of.  We have no flippin' chance once they get beyond the first few years.  

That’s why I maintain if we don’t actually know the age, or there’s some relatively indisputable characteristic that proves it, the exercise is nothing more then entertainment. 

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10 hours ago, Pathman said:

How long of a history? Can you determine his age from the length of time you’ve known him?

I know whenever some asks “what’s the point?” It sounds like they’re being a dick, but that wasn’t my intention!😁

If you just wanted others thoughts that’s fine, but those thoughts will vary greatly, as You can see, and will not get you the bucks correct age. I was just wondering what your goal was thats all. 

I didn't think you sounded like you were being a dick. I know it's tough to word stuff in text without things being taken the wrong way. I appreciate you telling me that wasn't your intention. But  my goal is to just put it out there and see what others think like yourself. And if they are in line of what i know with my history with the deer etc.

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13 hours ago, hemlock said:

I have watched him since he showed up on my property for 6 years ago and he had antlers then. Included two pictures from 2019 in velvet i will post more pictures. 

With those nice little eight's running around I would of knocked his ass out of the gene pool 3 or 4 years ago... nice shotgun buck:up:

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