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24 minutes ago, archer36 said:

The Farmer has Domestic White Turkeys in a pen. He said some escaped. They probably were quickly eaten by Foxes. 

For sure they don't last long if there are fox around. Every once in a while they will stalk the cats, that a sight to see. The cats are pretty smart but once in a while they get caught.

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21 hours ago, archer36 said:

That's what I thought but guys on here set me straight. 

I remember that thread, but I can't say I'm thoroughly convinced. I've hunted turkeys all over the USA, and there are only certain portions of NJ where I see groups of turkeys like this. Maybe a genetic mutation, but I would think at some point it would have been bred out of the line. I'm more ready to believe that at some point (Years ago? Recently?) domestic turkeys are OCCASIONALLY breeding with wild turkeys & the genetics are making their way down the line, which probably isn't much different than a genetic mutation anyway. I guess it doesn't make much difference, these birds are just as wild as their darker cousins.

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1 minute ago, Gobblengrunt said:

Here is a cool smoke phase i shot in a fall season a few years ago.  Ive seen quite a few smoke phase over the years turkey hunting but they have all been hens.


Do you know at what age Jakes start to grow beards? 

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Just now, Gobblengrunt said:

Some jakes will have beards showing by now.  Identify them by the head and feather coloring.  Some hens will have beards too

I'm familiar with "normal" turkey coloring. Just curious if the color phase males will have beards by hunting season if hatched last year. If color phases occur in male birds. 

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