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Scope rec's for AR15's


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Finally picked up my 2 Ar's. A Daniel Defense arms, and a Sig. Took forever to come in but again not in NJ.

Anyway looking for a High End scope for the Daniel Defense.. I'm looking at Carl Zeiss and the new Z6 by Swarovski. Let me know what you like.


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If most shots will be inside of 100 yards I'd go with a red dot sight.  Can always add a magnifyer if you want. If shooting longer get a scope.  Vortex I think right now is the best bang for your buck. Unless you're going beyond 500 yards or shooting in low light conditions a lot I wouldn't go to crazy on the scope.  They have some phenomenal scopes for under $500. 

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Depends completely on what you plan to do with it. If it will be used as an SPR mainly, then you'll want higher magnification and a different reticle at the expense of weight and size. CQB inside of 300yds, you'd want something smaller, lighter and less magnification (probably a 1x8).

IMO - I would probably be looking at brands like Steiner, Nightforce, Trijicon as opposed to Swaro and Zeiss for an AR-15.

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I have one of these on my AR-15.  I use it mostly for predator hunting, and this give me a few different options that are handy for those shots under 150 yards.


They don't make this model anymore, but I like how it works as well as the four dots at the bottom of the reticle to accommodate for bullet drop at various distances.  Since all shots are within 150-yards, I didn't need anything more than 3x magnification.

It allows be to get a fast sight on anything that is moving with the option of some magnification to land shots on smaller, most distant targets.

Sapere aude.


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26 minutes ago, WVAhunter08 said:

My best bud was marine corps infantry, two tours in Afghanistan. He swears by an ACOG with a carrot reticle. Never needs batteries like a eotech. 
 I’m buying one for my AR as soon as cabelas get them back in stock. They’re pricey but worth it. 

Which?  Trijicon?



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Can't help much with the glass you're looking at but if you're gearing more towards a tactical use, you can't go wrong with the Trijicon that has been mentioned above (RCO). We use the RCO's and the SDO's. SDO comes with an RMR attached to the top. Sights pretty heavy and honestly not worth it IMO. Both are extremely accurate out past 500 yards. Only negative I have had with the RCO is it collects a ton of light. Putting a piece of electrical tape on about 3/4 of the fiber dims it down so it's real crisp. I have mainly Vortex's on my personal ARs, but if I were to treat myself, the Trijicon in the link will give you the best of both worlds.

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