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Just a heads up, I've added another way to help generate some revenue for the site that helps utilize what many of you already do and that is sharing product links.  Amazon links are still helpful, but there are a lot of other outdoor sites out there that have link affiliations that the site supports now.  Don't really worry too much about which ones they are, as I'm more interested in you guys getting the best deals possible, but it's always helpful to share the links to products you guys recommend or have success with.  You don't need to do anything special other than copy and paste a link to a store that sells it when you post about it, whether it's because you like to shop with that store or because you spotted a great deal.  The code I have in place will automatically apply an affiliate tag if one is available for that website/seller.

An example you could post:  https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/leupold-vx-freedom-muzzleloader-rifle-scope

The link above will automatically get affiliated when a member clicks it and subsequently purchases that item or ANY item from Cabela's within a certain time window (could be 24 hours or upwards of 90 days depending on the affiliate).

Thanks all!  Just a small and subtle way all of you can help contribute that only takes an extra second or two.  More importantly, sharing any proven products or deals you see that you think a member would benefit from helps every member here!  I know a number of you already do this and it's really appreciated by myself and I'm sure others who have benefited from ordering the products they were looking for! :up:

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