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Trad bow Red!

Canadian Bacon

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First fox ever with a bow! It's been showing up on camera last couple of days so decided that a deer hunt was in order. Never thought that I'd ever get an opportunity for a fox. Just sitting there in my blind and all of a sudden all hell broke loose. Squirrel's jumping up onto trees barking like mad and then the orange streak running around chasing the last one that wanted a few more kernels of corn. 

Quickly mouth squeaked she stopped perfectly broadside about 18 yards. She was starring intently at the blind full alert, drew back focus on the elbow and watched that chartreuse fletching disappear through the bright red. Jumped about 3' straight up and went down within 30 yards!





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2 hours ago, toxo said:

Nice fox! Years ago I shot a fox with my bow.I gave it to a guy on the farm that was a trapper.The next time I saw him I asked,how did you make out with the fox, he replied,I got nothing,it had 2 big holes in it! Sorry! lol

Shot this one with Bear Razor Heads that I traded some other broadheads with Bone Collector 85 for. Easy to sharpen and left a great blood trail.

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