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Scope Parallax explained in a easy to understand Article


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You hear and see posts regularly from folks about Parallax but explaining it and understanding the explanation is not always easy to comprehend. I found a good explanation with a moving visual that does a great job of explaining it. Is it important to you? Most scopes do not have a adjustable Parallax they are preset at the factory for the average shooter, however if you are thinking about long distance shooting and have a scope that can be adjusted check this article out I think you will find it useful in tweaking your rifle scope for the distance you shoot.

I have attached the article but the link is better in that it has a visual on parallax that helps you understand what it is. ENJOY !!


Scope Parallax Explained_Page_1.jpg

Scope Parallax Explained_Page_2.jpg

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I understand what the article says, but isn't parallax also a vertical issue effecting elevation. That is if you move your head up the crosshairs will also move if the parallax in not adjusted correctly.

Also I always thought that parallax had to do with the point where an imaginary laser straight line from the bore intersects with a similar line from the scope. That would bring the height of the scope mount into the equation.

I have a rifle with a parallax adjustable scope. It's on a .22 so I keep it adjusted to 50 yards. I'm going to try this the next time I go to the range. 


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