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Garmin Instinct Tactical edition GPS smart watch


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Garmin Instinct Tactical edition GPS smart watch.  Flat dark earth color asking $200 I paid 350 for it last year. This watch is awesome very lightweight and comfortable and the gps features work really well.  Wife bought me a feniz 6 pro for Christmas so I dont need this one anymore.  Any question feel free to ask. I  live by the pequest hatchery. 







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Great for hunting. And really any outdoor activity. Easily mark your tree stands or points of interest with gps pins that you can navigate back to. Can send gpx files to it to follow any course you build before hand. Navigate back to start so you won't get lost exploring a new area. Altimiter, barometer, compass built in. Links to garmin connect and garmin explore apps so you can view all your activities and your gps pins and tracks on a topo map.  Price dropped  to $180

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