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Baiting is illegal where I hunt deer how can I attract them?

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Baiting is illegal where I hunt but I am allowed to put out 5 gallons worth of corn per hunting sit but I just cannot get out there everyday to continue to attract them and corn prices start to add up. Any input or advice on what I could do to attract deer to my area would be great. Thanks 

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Once they find it they’ll keep coming back to see if there’s more. So you don’t have to put it out every day.  I’d say if you put 5 gallons out once a week you should have some deer around. Also, If you can put a solid feed block out that should last in between baiting times.

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20 minutes ago, Whitetail31 said:

Spread it out in a big area. Spread in a blowdown so it takes the deer a few days to consume.

I like this idea.  Build up a bunch of fallen limbs or use a fall down and make it hard for the deer to get to it.   Or just wing it around and make them with to find it! :up:

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Find the deer, don't expect the deer to come to you.  Find deer sign.  Any sign.  Droppings, rubs, bedding areas; all of those things will help.  Learn the geography.  Where do deer come in from?  Where is a water source?  Food source?  Where are the houses (deer like to feed on landscaping)?

I hunt northern NH where baiting is illegal.  I learned how to tell how fresh tracks are in the snow.  Pick up deer droppings with your bare hands to see how warm it is or isn't.  Rubs, etc.  It's not easy, but with time you can learn it and use it as a valuable tool when you're in the woods.  Finding fresh tracks and droppings will get your heart pumping.  The deer are there, and they were recently in that spot.

Good luck with your hunt!


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Sounds like a township hunt I was a part of a few years ago.  Rules included no more than 5 gallons of bait, only carry in/out tree stands, etc.  

First scout of the land I found multiple ladder stands, lock-ons, and large feeders.    LOL.   

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