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Building The Ultimate Crossbow

The Field Archer

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Field Archer,

I am looking to use some video footage that you have on YouTube in a project.  Feel free to message me if you are interested in allowing use and we can discuss details.  I tried to send a PM, but being new I am not yet permitted by the system.

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It's nice to see a "fast" bow you can easily draw with a rope sled. I never had a bow that needed a mechanical crank because it's one less thing you have to worry about breaking. My newest bow has an Accu Draw Pro on it but the option of cocking it with a rope sled if needed in an emergency is possible. 

More technology and mechanics will be the demise of crossbow hunting. All for a few FPS more and sophisticated ranging scopes that are unnecessary for a "short range" hunting environment. 

I'll take simple and reliable any day!

Good video!

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