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Tactacam Reveal Camera......New Models


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Saw this on crossbownation.com


There will be 3 models of cameras this year most likely, but that could change. There will be the reveal x and reveal sk for sure, but I believe a third model is in the works. What I do know for sure is there will still be a $99 model. There's a lot of things coming that I can't talk a out yet, but I can promise you there will be more supply this year. Tactacam wasn't trying to destroy the competition, but that's exactly what happened and they couldn't get them made fast enough. The new cameras should be released in April, may at the very latest. Sorry I haven't been on much. I've been spending more time with my kids in the evening. The new models will be blackout models though and will have video capabilities in the app. There should also be an option to have cameras on different plans instead of all on one the same plan. HD download will be coming as well. The motion sensors will be improved as well. The reveals from this year will still work and they will receive updates just like they have before. They will be getting some sweet software updates soon.

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